The OLDEST radon spa in the world

Although it is mainly Jáchymov that the world associates with radioactivity, Teplice spa beats it by several years when it comes to offering the inhalation of radon. On the threshold of the 20th century, radioactivity was a hot topic. It was discovered in 1896 by Henri Becquerel and seven years later Marie Skłodowska Curie won a... Continue Reading →

The OLDEST spa in the Czech lands

The opening of the 861st spa season? By no means! Great celebrations are probably in store for the residents of Teplice in 2154. If spa seasons are counted as they have been to date, it will be the 1,000th anniversary in 139 years, or rather a presumed anniversary, as the numbering of spa seasons is... Continue Reading →

The LARGEST synagogue in Bohemia

Jewish people were the largest and most distinctive minority in Teplice at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Their synagogue formed part of the town for a mere 56 years. Luck favoured the Jews in Teplice in the second half of the nineteenth century – they were in no danger in the multicultural... Continue Reading →

The FINEST work of Matthias Braun

One of the top Baroque sculptors created his best work in Teplice. There are not many Baroque monuments in Teplice but the most noticeable of them is worth visiting.  The plague column of the Holy Trinity on Castle Square (Zámecké náměstí) is ranked among the top works of European Baroque sculpture. Matthias Braun was born... Continue Reading →

The first Czech professional cyclist

The German Czech Kudela was a star of the new sport of professional cycling. Which cyclist has not heard of the legendary Jaroslav Cihlář, the best post-war sprinter?! But who knows Emanuel Kudela, a racing ace in sprint cycling, a tandem rider and, of course, a native of Teplice? Kudela was born on 26th July... Continue Reading →

The first professor of geology

The proverb that nobody is prophet at home does not apply to the Teplice native Gustav Karel Laube – the town where he came into the world and also where he is buried is grateful to him for the most precious thing it possesses – its spa springs. This April, 92 years will have passed... Continue Reading →

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