The MOST EROTIC moment of J W Goethe’s life

The prince of poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, had his first meeting with Beethoven, the premiere of his own theatre play that did not take place, and experienced the most erotic moment of his life in Teplice. He was sixty and she was twenty-five, he had known her from her childhood days and her name... Continue Reading →


M. Wolfram was not only the head of the town hall but also an artist who attracted big crowds to Teplice. Teplice really brimmed with life at one point. The fame of the spa town attracted a varied range of guests, and was graced by royalty and elevated by noted artists every year. Teplice evidently... Continue Reading →

The BEST architecture of 1989

Karel Hubáček is an icon of Czech postmodernism; his House of Culture is the best piece of modern architecture in Teplice. When an architect is awarded the Perret Prize it is like a film director winning an Oscar. It is a peak that is hard to reach again. Luckily, Karel Hubáček is not just the... Continue Reading →

The BEST musical arranger of 1928

August Stradal arranged the works of musical greats for the piano. The Stradals were regarded as one of the most respectable families in Teplice in the second half of the 19th century. Franz Stradal was a lawyer, long-standing councillor (even the mayor for a short time), deputy and until 1858 also the owner of the... Continue Reading →

The first professor of palaeobotany

How the ownership of coal mines led Karl to academic achievements. Karl Rudolph was born at the right time and in the right place: In 1881 he was born into the family of Teplice architect Hermann Rudolph, who was just finishing the design for a new local synagogue, and work on the construction of a... Continue Reading →

The OLDEST surviving relic of Beuron art

A convent, the chapel of which has been hiding its interesting interior decoration for many years, was in operation for less than a century in Teplice. Today, hardly anybody notices the buildings of the convent on the busy Alejní Street: it is overshadowed by the more majestic grammar school on the opposite side. Nevertheless, the... Continue Reading →

The LARGEST theatre in the Sudetenland

The largest theatre outside Prague came into existence as a demonstration of German supremacy over the town. The declaration of Czechoslovakia in October 1918 brought Teplice mayor Dr. Ernst Walther into action. He ruled a town where more than 90% of the inhabitants were German and he did not identify himself with the new state... Continue Reading →

The OLDEST tram line

Teplice has had a functional urban public transport system for 120 years. “It’s fun and it doesn’t cost much!” the Teplice-Šanov Gazette (Teplitz-Schonauer Anzeiger) wrote on 27th June 1895, about a track that had just been put into operation in what today is 28. října (28th October) Street. The slogan was enticing: the number of customers... Continue Reading →

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