The BEST musical arranger of 1928

SKMBT_C224e15112510412-1August Stradal arranged the works of musical greats for the piano.

The Stradals were regarded as one of the most respectable families in Teplice in the second half of the 19th century. Franz Stradal was a lawyer, long-standing councillor (even the mayor for a short time), deputy and until 1858 also the owner of the Ústí nad Labem to Teplice railway line, a rapidly developing enterprise that grew richer due to coal mining.

It was in the period when the railway business was developing that Stradal’s third child was born, on 17th May 1860. The name August (from a Latin word meaning majestic) also foreshadowed, to a certain degree, the education that the family provided for their son. He studied with organ master Anton Brückner at Vienna conservatory, and with Franz Liszt in Weimar, with whom he travelled around Europe.

After finishing his travels in search of experience, a thirty-year-old August Stradal returned to Teplice where he taught music. In particular, he occupied himself by creating arrangements of major orchestral works by Mozart, Bach, Wagner (but also by his teachers Liszt and Brückner) for the piano. In 1928 he was awarded the Czechoslovak State Prize for the best musician of the year.

Late in life, Stradal married Rosa Zweigeltová and moved to Krásná Lípa (Schönlinde) to be with her. He died there in 1930.

The musical history of Teplice is rich thanks to Beethoven or Wagner staying in the town, but August Stradal is the only personality in the musical world who was born in the town and, thanks to his family, is permanently linked to it.   

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